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Full-Body Alignment

A warm welcome to Aligned Chiropractic. Our chiropractor, Dr Kerry-Lee Young, is passionate about working with a diverse demographic. She treats all age groups, including newborns. She is passionate about treating expecting mothers, families, corporate professionals and athletes. Our chiropractor is confident in her ability to treat and benefit all of her patients to reach their goals of overall health and well-being.


Integrated Wellness

Partner with us to as we make your health our priority! We look forward to empowering you, supporting you, educating you and being part of your journey. We will invest the time and energy required to optimise your well-being. After all, health is real wealth, isn’t it?

The Aligned difference

Dr Kerry-Lee Young takes ample time to listen and assess each patient thoroughly with every treatment. An initial consult is 60 minutes and subsequent treatments can take up to 45 minutes. There can be a tendency to rush treatments once an initial consult has been carried out, but Dr Kerry-Lee is passionate about giving each patient the time and energy that they deserve and require. It is important to assess and reassess the direction treatment and rehab is taking, at each session, until a goal is reached.

She practices the art of questioning and truly listening to her patients to best decide on a course of action. You are her best source of information second to what your body is saying and lastly comes her knowledge and expertise. You will partner as a team to work towards a common goal of achieving an overall sense of well-being.

Restoring your NATURAL state with

LOW-RISK and DRUG-FREE treatments

The Art of Alignment

Our natural alignment is the root of our overall well-being.

Our chiropractor delivers high quality, gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments, supported by other modalities, to care for your joints, bones, muscles and nervous system in order to encourage your body back into alignment. In an attentive and patient-friendly environment, Aligned Chiropractic strives to get to the root cause of your aches and niggles to give you the best chance at recovery and maintain your well-being while preventing future injury.
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