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Dr Kerry-Lee completed her studies at the Durban University of Technology and has been supporting her patients with evidence-based treatment methods since enrolling into the campus clinic in 2017. Her masters dissertation was focused on posture and how modern day stressors affect seated posture which negatively impacts our daily lives and normal bodily and joint function. It is here that she learned about the importance of looking after your spine for maximum functional longevity and pain free movement during daily tasks.

I am a hands-on chiropractor who is passionate about walking this journey in relationship with you, for better, long term health. I love treating a wide range of patients and I am dedicated to working towards and reaching desired outcomes. I thoroughly enjoy taking novel cases and I am committed to continuous learning. I believe in taking time with my patients and working together to reach a desired goal.

During the hours that I am not fulfilling my passion for posture, paediatrics and chiropractic, you might find me taking a jog along the Atlantic Seaboard promenade, strolling through Greenpoint Park, hiking up Cape Town’s epic mountains with a pair of binos in hand, or trying to familiarise myself on my mountain bike along the Greenbelt or Tokai Forest. If you see me, come and say hi!

- Dr Kerry-Lee Young

Her practice provides an open space and safe environment, allowing you to work with a chiropractor that you can trust to empower you along YOUR well-being journey.