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aligned chiropractic

Family Focused

A family-based practise that caters for newborns, toddlers, school kids, pregnant moms, senior folk and everyone in between. 

Rectify Posture

A very common root of breathing and sleep difficulties, as well as pain. Correct misalignments caused by injury and our modern lifestyles. Reversing the damage caused by repetitive body postures and micro-trauma that puts strain on our skeletal system.

Global Wellness

Our holistic, patient centred care model is focused on reconnecting brain and body communication so that you can thrive.

Pre-habilitate & Optimise

Take the initiative - prevent musculoskeletal problems associated with lifestyle, sport and aging. Allow your body to function how it was designed to.

Pain relief without painkillers

While pharmaceutical pain relief is wonderful in the short term it can have unwanted side effects in the long term. Chiropractic care provides low risk, gentle and drug free solutions to allow you and your families to live at your full potential and tackle some common root causes of pain. For example, scoliosis, sciatica, herniated discs, poor posture which may lead to neck & back pain, headaches and migraines & pregnancy related discomfort. 



Pregnancy / Perinatal